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FullShot is a screen capture tool at heart, but as it has evolved it's flexibility and ease of use extends greatly beyond just taking snap shots. With "capture to" options available, it's easy to send your captures straight to the printer or onto the clipboard for easy integration with other applications via Windows.

Sharing your screen captures with colleagues is just as important as getting them in the first place. FullShot is there to provide you with access to protocols that will allow you take steps in sharing your pictures. Take our enterprise feature that let's you setup an SMTP e-mail within FullShot. This allows you to send your screen capture images straight through the internet without bothering with third party applications. Also built-in is the format comparison tool, which analyzes all the output formats and helps you decide which is best in terms of size. This allows for hassle free, web-ready images.

FullShot tries to cover a wide range of business uses, including features catering specifically to technical writers and quality assurance professionals. You can give FullShot a free 30-day test drive with a download from our site.


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