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Snapshot Buttons and Hotkey Technology

At the basic level, FullShot has built-in hotkey technology where you can assign any combination of one or more keys to trigger a screen capture action. This allows you to capture in virtually any mode without the need for mouse interaction, without pressing on screen buttons, and without the application interface in your way. The drawback to this is remembering these hotkey combinations, especially where there are so many possible capture modes available. This can make taking a screen capture a memory test on the user. Another drawback is that any hotkey combination can conflict with the current application you are trying to capture. Many screen capture vendors only provide this type of screen capture engine for you.

One of the FullShot's primary interface features that brings us above the competition is the Snapshot Button interface. This small, unintrusive interface feature rests at the top of the active window in which you are currently computing. When you don't wish to use the available hotkey engine for whatever reason, these buttons can instead be invoked, without the need to have the FullShot application showing at all. The advantage here is that there is no need to go through complex timers and to hide FullShot to get the perfect screenshot you are looking for. (Timer-based, countdown capture is available in FullShot if you need it, however.) Whenever the application is ready - you are ready. This cannot be said for our competition.


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What FullShot can do for you

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