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Screen Capture as a necessity, not a luxury

As most of customers tell us, living without a screen capture solution as complete as FullShot is like missing an essential everyday tool for their computing needs. However, those new to FullShot and those who have not given it a chance often wonder whether it is something they can live without. FullShot has been developed to make sure your screen capture needs are fulfilled as intuitively and as simply as possible. Many utilities work in the exact opposite manner - they provide you with cluttered interfaces with a seemingly overwhelming number of features, most of which do absolutely nothing you couldn't do without it. FullShot was made so that it sits nicely aside, away from your everyday work, but available when you need to make a screen capture in the exact way you want to capture. Made available by a panel of buttons at the top of the active window or by hotkeys - or both - FullShot's on-call screen capture engine is like a trusty sidekick you'll soon learn you can't live without.

With the workload that many corporate professions face in today's world, tools like FullShot make it so you do not have to have the added stress of working with images in an arduous manner. Simply put, FullShot is not here because it's a peripheral utility - it's a necessary part of the work process to enhance your abilities to put together professional presentations, training manuals, slides, webpages, and demos. It's grown along with our customer's needs and continues to grow with input from the thousands of organizations and corporations who depend on it. With its wide choice of screen capture functions, image management features, and editing tools, all in a simple, easy to understand, standard Office-style interface, FullShot screen capture is ready to go to work for you.


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