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FullShot - Capture. Edit. Annotate. Print. New annotation callouts. 
Built-in blur and highlight tool. Redesigned screen capture engine. and much more...

Introduction to FullShot

As Easy as One Click

FullShot's intuitive snapshot button bar sits in the corner of your active window, ready to be invoked with a single click.

Grab the screen, window, region, or even automatically scroll through an entire document with ease.

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24im - Enterprise Group Im

Connect your workforce. Hosted or On-site.

24im is the smarter way to deliver enterprise-grade collaboration to your private group.

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New FullShot! (Released Jan. '13)

New look, new style - the best screen capture software gets better. The new Windows 8, 7 and Vista compatible FullShot provides not only easy, professional screen capture solutions, but also professional image annotation tools. To see what's new, more..> or jump in and try it.

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24im v5.3

Inbit Messenger is now simply 24im.

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FullShot Case Studies

Solving problems to increase productivity.
FullShot at the support desk.
Bringing efficiency to course presentations.
Simplifying training for higher education.
Versatility of FullShot compared to the competition.
Productivity for the Independent Consultant.
Enhancing course materials in a variety of ways.
Efficient Software Documentation.

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