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FullShot Screenshots Samples

FullShot comes with many powerful features. Whether you are going for specific shots or you are looking to capture hundreds of images, automatic capture effects, customizable annotation objects, and huge selection of screen capture modes will make your job easy.

Below are sample images to give you an idea of some things you can do with FullShot. Click images to see an enlarged version.

Customizable callouts make it easy to emphasize your point.

New SWORD snapshot buttons make screen capture a snap.

Newly designed interface is highly customizable. Count down captures can help get exactly what you want.

Tear effects come in a variety of adjustable looks.

Object capture makes it easy to capture specific windows.

Region captures come in a variety of shapes.

Stack captured images one on top of another with drag-and-drop.

Glare effect can make effective general purpose backgrounds.

Document capture with blur and highlights.

Effective and quick menu-capture makes FullShot a breeze to use.

Object selection makes screen captures precise. Capture toolbars and even individual buttons on certain applications.

Uniform tear is an alternative look for the tear effect that gives a clean look.


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