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Download FullShot 9.5.1 for Windows

The download file includes the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition. If you have never downloaded FullShot 9.5 from this site, please click the link below to read instructions.

screen capture - FullShot Screen Capture

Download fshot9519.exe (10.4MB)

Download (10.2MB)


Note: The two files above contain identical content. The EXE version can be run directly from your browser. The ZIP version needs to be unzipped first.

All Inbit products are guaranteed to be spyware and malware free.

*FullShot 9.5.1 is a free upgrade to owners of FullShot 9.

FullShot 9.5 download and installation instructions

FullShot 9.5 trial FAQs

See FullShot 9.5 compatibility details

The FullShot 9.5 Enterprise Edition trial mode supports FullShot Image Database. The Online User's Guide uses a sample image database called Image123. In order to learn how to use the image database features, you need to download the sample image database. The file name is It contains two sample databases.


1. Download the file and be sure to remember where you save it.

2. Unzip the file to produce 8 FullShot Image Database files.

3. Copy all files to the FullShot 9.5 Samples directory.

Download FullShot 9.5 Sample Image Database (2.16MB)

FullShot 9.5 User's Guide is already included in the above download files. After installation, you can open it from the Help menu of the FullShot application. If you'd like to download it separately, click the download link below.

Download FullShot 9.5 User's Guide in PDF format (4.43MB)

Download FullShot 8.5.4

If you own a license of any FullShot 8, the FullShot v8.5.4 is a free upgrade to you. This download file includes Standard Edition, Professional Edition. and Enterprise Edition. It will configure itself into the correct version based on your license type.

Download FullShot v8.5.4 (9.60MB)

Download FullShot 8.5 User's Guide in PDF format (4.38MB)


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