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Download FullShot 10 for Windows

The download file includes the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition. If you have never downloaded FullShot 10 from this site, please click the link below to read instructions.

screen capture - FullShot Screen Capture

Download fshot10.exe (14.6MB)

Download fshot10.zip (14.5MB)


Note: The two files above contain identical content. The EXE version can be run directly from your browser. The ZIP version needs to be unzipped first.

10.2.0 is a free upgrade for licensed 10.0.0 and 10.1.0 users.

All Inbit products are guaranteed to be spyware and malware free.

FullShot 10 download and installation instructions

FullShot 10 trial FAQs

FullShot 10 compatibility details

Download FullShot 9.5

This download file includes Standard Edition, Professional Edition. and Enterprise Edition. It will configure itself into the correct version based on your license type.

Download FullShot v9.5 (10.4MB)


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